Church Ministries

Deacon Ministry
Deacon Robbie Mitchell, Chair
Deacon Earl Thweatt, Co-Chairperson

Deaconess Ministry
Deaconess Janice Thweatt, Chairperson
Deaconess Kaye Hunt, Co-Chairperson

Board of Missions and Evangelism
Rev. Deborah Willis, Chairperson
Sheila Newell, Co-Chairperson

Ministries under Board of Missions and Evangelism

Men's Ministry
Tony Thweatt, Chairperson
Marlon Bell, Vice Chairperson

Women's Ministry
Sheila Newell, Chairperson

Little Voices Choir
Juanita Cross, Director
Muriel McKay, Assistant Director

Mass Choir
Deaconess Ira Walker, Chairperson

Male Chorus
Norman Brown, Chairperson

Young Adult Praise Team
Ross Gordon, Director

Youth Choir
Terra Allen, Director

Loyal Sister's Missionary Ministry
Doris Patrick, President

Pulpit Aid
Denya Hankerson, Chairperson

Veteran's Committee
Norman Brown, Chairperson
Deacon Ulysses Larry, Co-Chairperson

Youth Usher Board
Jessica Newell and Evelyn Patrick, Directors

Senior Usher Board
Jeff Williams, Chairperson

Young Adult Ministry
Ross Gordon, Chairperson
Andrea Hunt, Co-Chairperson

Spotlight Newsletter Committee
Doris Patrick, Editor

Board of Trustees
Edward Patrick, Chairperson
Frederick Perry, Vice Chairperson

Ministries under Board of Trustees

Fredrick Perry, Chairperson

Personnel Committee
Walter Watson, Chairperson

Board of Christian Education
Marilyn Thweatt, Chairperson

Ministries under Board of Christian Education

Sunday School
Deacon James Hill, Superintendent
Veronica Harper, Assistant Superintendent

Drama Ministry
Kaye Hunt, Chairperson
Juanita Cross, Assistant Chairperson

Scholarship Committee
Veronica Harper, Superintendent

Graduation Committee
Marquet Cross, Chairperson

Sunday School Outing
Kathleen Thweatt, Chairperson
Deaconess Patricia Mitchell, Vice Chairperson

Praise Dance Ministry

Youth Ministry
Darnell Palmore, Chairperson
Andrea Hunt, Co-Chairperson